Sam Open LLC (DBA OpenLaser) designs, produces, markets, and distributes smart beam tools, real-time industrial networking solutions, and advanced laser-based open CNC automation kits.  In addition, OpenLaser partners with OEMs and system integrators to develop semi-custom industrial machine tools, robots, and work cells.  

Industry 4.0 principles of OpenAutomatons are central to the mission of OpenLaser. Our products incorporate advances that increasingly allow designers to automate systems at the prescriptive level. Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) sensors provide the data that enable artificial intelligence techniques that minimize downtime and that enhance manufacturing productivity of OpenMachinery.

OpenLaser is committed to establishing a platform for the sharing of industrial laser manufacturing knowledge. By sharing, this platform aims to provide an open format that enables developers and users to collaborate as well as to distribute command-communication-control applications and material processing knowhow.

RayTools AG designs and produces laser beam delivery systems, commonly called beam tools or processing heads. 

Founded in 2005, RayTools is headquartered at its design center in Switzerland. Its processing heads are used for macro- and micro-processing applications, which includes cutting, welding, cladding and heat treatment etc. 

RayTools processing heads have built-in intelligence, incorporating real-time sensing, feedback control loop, and adjustment capabilities.

RayTools has grown to be one of the largest beam tool suppliers in the world. It sells more units, to more customers, than any other company in its category.

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