BW101-GS 4-in-One Handheld Laser Processing Head

4-in-One Handheld Laser Processing Head, power rating 2kw, welding/cutting/weld seam cleaning/remote cleaning

  • Features
  • Technical Data
  • 4-in-One Handheld Laser Processing Head-Cut/Weld/Weldeam Clean/Remote Clean

  • 4-in-one laser control system (Cut/Weld/WeldSeam Clean/Remote Clean) and HMI panel are included.

  • Single axis wobble with adjustable line spot 0-5mm.

  • Multiple safety protection with auto beam off function once the nozzle goes away from workpiece.

  • Various tip assemblies in standard kit to fulfill cutting, welding and weldseam cleaning. Assembly of remote cleaning is optional.

  • Wide welding seam, low porosity and excellent melting pool protection.

  • Wire feeder as optional to expand application range.