BS04K All-In-One Smart Laser Cutting Head (International Model)

Power rating 4KW; Fully smart sensor technology with real-time status monitoring by APP or CNC. Auto focus by 0-10V or EtherCAT.

  • Features
  • Technical Data
  • Auto focus control via 0-10V or EtherCAT.

  • 4-Color LED lamps to monitor interior status.

  • Optimized optical configuration and smooth gas circuit.

  • Optimized X/Y alignment knob to facilitate beam alignment.

  • Real-time status of cutting head could be accessed at mobile APP or CNC controller.

  • Real-time monitoring to focus position and ready status of bottom cover glass.

  • Real-time monitoring to temperature of top/bottom cover glass, focus lens and cavity.

  • Real-time monitoring to cutting gas pressure and cavity pressure.

  • Standard QBH/QD (LLK-D)/G5 interfaces to work with different fiber lasers.