BW290-6D Laser Welding Head

Power rating 6KW; High power laser welding. Hybrid version of fixed spot welding by fiber laser and diode laser.

  • Features
  • Technical Data
  • Hybrid version of fiber laser and diode laser used for welding of high-reflection materials to secure the quality and conformity of welding seam.

  • Dual-wavelength (fiber laser 4KW + diode laser 2KW) optics system.

  • 3 Cover glasses to provide adequate protection to collimation/focus lens.

  • Both collimation lens and focus lens are water cooled.

  • Optimized optical design to achieve high speed, high quality and high power laser welding.

  • CCD or laser vision seam tracking interface is optional for expanding of function.

  • Smooth and efficient fluid structure design to obtain the best protection to melting pool.